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Discovery Call

  • This is a 20 minute complimentary no obligation  phone or online consultation about your concerns

  • You will be able to ask all the questions about your issue and the treatment

  • Discuss how I will be able to help you with your issue


  • Everything discussed is strictly confidential

Contact me at (206) 737-1411 or email

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The Session

  • Your session will take place  remotely via Skype or Zoom allowing you to be in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. 

  • During your session, there will be an initial 45-60 minute consultation where we will discuss what you would like to change and what your desired outcome would be - this allows your therapy to be tailored to you.​

  • This is followed by your therapy, which includes hypnosis and regression.

  • I then create a personalized recording for you.

  • Clients have expressed that after the session they feel a sense of relief and are often surprised by the underlying cause of the former issue.

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Post Session

  • After your session, the transformative work that has been done throughout the session is further cemented over the following 30 consecutive days, with a personalized recording.


  • I will email your personal recording. You can download it onto your phone, tablet or computer.

  • It is vital that you listen to your recording every day after your session.

  • The recording is designed around your specific needs and goals, and it is by repeatedly listening to these new, positive beliefs that you will break old, unwanted behaviors and thought processes.

  • I will check in with you regularly to support you throughout the process. This is included in your session fee.

  • After 30 days, I will schedule a follow up appointment, by telephone where we will review your progress and discuss how you're feeling.


Please note:

Some more complex and challenging issues may require up to three sessions. 

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