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“My first RTT session with Ericka was very effective. Going into it I was a bit nervous, as I didn't know what to expect; but she made me feel comfortable and explained the entire process prior to the session. After just one session I already started feeling better. Instantly after the session ended I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted off of me. I felt more free, and aware of my body and mind. I will continue to go back as needed for different things. I gladly recommend her to my friends and family.”

-Faith T.

Tucson, AZ

Ericka taught me how to believe in myself more. I had low self-esteem and have also struggled with public speaking, she completely helped me get passed all of that! I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 day program, where I received mentoring and support through the process! She is approachable, caring, humble, and a wonderful therapist.” 

Ivette Q.

Tucson, AZ

 “Ericka is a compassionate and kind, completely personable and charming RTT therapist. She "got me" right away. She made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Ericka was able to get to the root of my issues, blocks and shyness in speaking, presenting and more importantly, marketing for my business. She helped me reframe and clear away the unneeded old beliefs limiting me from embracing marketing conversations, and planted the beautiful seeds of truly effective confidence in speaking to others about my business more easily and naturally.  AMAZING! Brilliant, I am thrilled at the results of my session with Ericka Tremaine. I am grateful and feel blessed to have found her. THANK YOU in no uncertain terms! I highly recommend Ericka Tremaine and her RTT therapist skills.”

-R.K. Baird

Los Angeles, CA

When I started working with Ericka I was a bit uncertain about myself. But after our session I feel empowered and inspired. I believe in myself even deeper than I ever have. Ericka never waivered in guiding me and I highly recommend her.

-Gabriella D.

Seattle, WA

“My session was for depression and anxiety. I have had a difficult time socializing and being in public places ever since I was a little girl. I have tried other therapists and counselors before. I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Tremaine and RTT. I left the session feeling relieved and in awe, and it just keeps getting better! I can honestly say my life is changed. I haven't had any sad thoughts or feelings. I wake up excited to start my day, which used to be hard for me. My confidence has even improved, I don't feel the need to hide myself away anymore. I am so happy with the outcome of my session! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you gave me life back and more!”

-Sarah H.

Tucson, AZ

“When I was packing a bag for each of my kids, husband and me in preparation for a possible evacuation from the recent Northern California fire, I felt such an uncomfortable feeling inside. It was then that I realized this unsettling feeling was all too familiar.....the feeling of packing and fleeing for our lives. 


You see, I am a refugee survivor and I never thought that I suffered from PTSD until that scary night of packing my family’s bags to run. I went through it at the tender age of three. By the time I was 12 yrs old, I had already moved and lived in 4 different countries, each time packing what little I had and fleeing or moving from one continent to the next not sure where my life would take me and how safe I would be.


Ericka helped me get to the root cause of my problem....the fear of dying if I made the wrong choice. Little did I know that this fear kept me from reaching my full potential and living my life to the fullest. I was always playing it safe. Ericka helped me move out of that. I felt like a blockage was removed and I felt free. 


Ericka was so kind and patient in helping me look at my limiting beliefs and to resolve it. I am making better life choices and feeling much more grounded. I highly recommend Ericka! She’s such a gifted healer and therapist. ”


San Jose, CA

I went to Ericka because I have struggled with self-esteem and self-care for most of my life. I put every one else's needs and wants before my own. Since my session with Ericka, I have noticed that I am putting myself first and making choices that are in my best interest. I am taking better care of myself and feel so much better about myself. Thank you Ericka! 



Highly Recommend! For someone who avoids talking about emotions and issues, it's refreshing and reassuring to come across Ericka. She made me feel comfortable, safe, and willing to speak and be open. Underlying issues do exist and it's important to find help. Ericka will provide that help and a sense of self-peace. Nowadays it's hard to find a genuine person willing to help.


Sahuarita, AZ

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